Northern Ohio Animal Healthcare

2405 E Perkins Ave / 2502 St Rt 113 E
Sandusky / Milan, OH 44870 / 44846


COVID-19 Notice to Clients

Due to the Director's Stay at Home Order, NOAH Pet Clinic will be implementing additional changes to our daily operations/protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, helping to keep our staff and clients safe, while allowing us to care for your beloved pet.  The changes are effectively immediately.

 Effective March 23, 2020: 

- Our doors will remain locked.   Only NOAH employees will be allowed inside the building.

- Clients are to wait in their car, and call the office upon arrival (Sandusky 419-625-2484 /  Milan 419-499-4949).  A team member will instruct you where to bring your pet for its appointment.  We are requesting clients wear a mask or some sort of facial covering, as recommended by the CDC, prior to entering the drop-off area.  Once completed, we will call you with exam findings/treatment recommendations and to obtain payment over the phone.  A team member will then inform you of where to go to pick up your pet, along with any necessary medications and/or written instructions.  Facial covering should still be utilized.
**It is imperative that all pets be in a carrier or on leash so that we can safely move them between the parking lot and building**

- Payment is to be made with credit card whenever possible.  We can process cards over the phone.   

- Enhanced social distancing and cleaning/disinfection protocols will make us less efficient.  Expect longer than normal wait times.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Drop-off appointments can be arranged for clients unable to wait in their car for the duration of their pet's visit. 

- Appointments are prioritized - emergency and sick exams, established/current patients, established clients with new patients, and then if possible, new clients (we are limiting our acceptance of new clients/patients, as we have an obligation to reserve our currently limited resources for the care of our established patients).

- Clients needing refills of medication or food must call first to arrange a pick up time and provide payment over the phone (whenever possible, please give 24 hours notice).  We are requesting clients wear a mask or some sort of facial covering, as recommended by the CDC, prior coming to the pickup area and during any interaction with our staff. For clients that wish to stock up on items or need to obtain medications/food that we are unable to keep in stock, please visit our online webstore: Covetrus

- Clients should bring their own pen for use in signing any required paperwork. 

        Most of our forms are available on our website.
We encourage you to print and sign them prior to your pet's appointment.

- Clients with a cough or other symptoms of illness, or those who have traveled or otherwise had potential exposure to an infected person within the past 2 weeks, must notify us in advance.  We ask that you arrange for someone else to transport your pet to the clinic and that you be reachable by telephone during your pet's appointment time.   

We will continue to update our protocols as necessary based on government and medical recommendations.  We thank you for your understanding during this time of uncertainty and apologize for any inconvenience.